Nations where Indians do not require visa



A cluster of more than 80 volcanic origin islands, in Oceania (you go straight to the west, and you end up on Australia’s eastern coast), has a no-visa agreement with India. Formerly known as New Hebridges, this island nation has tumbled between French and British hands from time to time. But the islands are so cool, that look how they have designed their parliament :


Also, good news for school kids. Education is not compulsory here, so school attendance is the lowest. So kids, if you wanna run away from your school, come to this place as you wont need visa anyway (THIS IS JUST A JOKE. STUDY AND DIE).



The most densely populated country of Central America, El Salvador is a tiny Spanish speaking nation sandwiched between Guatemala in the west and Honduras in the east. Shortened its name, the actual long Spanish name of this country is Provincia De Nuestro Señor Jesus Cristo, El Salvador Del Mundo. For Indians, 90 days we can enjoy and ruin ourself in this place, without visa. Three months of warm hospitality by cool Salvadorans !! Great news for shopaholics. The country has the largest mall in the entire Central America !!! But control your emotions, as the currency used here is USD, so its still expensive. But we are Indians, and we can bargain even on a market on moon.


Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park

Well, although we need visa to visit Belarus, but this particular national park in Brest region, bordering Poland, allows Indians to enter without visa, but for only three days. So if you want to do ‘jungle mein mangal’ (I would call this phrase as, enjoying pervert honeymoon or an indecent one-night stand with random stranger), and are tired of seeing the same boring green Indian trees, this is the best hideout. Also, the forest is divided into Belarus and Poland, so there is a high chance of getting lost between the two nations. But thanks to high security, if you trespass, you would be either dead or deported.



If you are wondering what would be the best place for vacation in the Caribbean, and if you are a die hard fan of Captain Jack Sparrow, my dear acquittances, this is the place !!! Jamaica, historically, after shuffling between Spanish and English pockets, finally landed with the later, has a town named Port Royal, which is the basis of entire Pirates of Caribbean series. (Try reading this post without humming the theme music. OR, try while listening to it). In fact, Port Royal had been a hub for many a pirates, including the infamous Henry Morgan (he was also mentioned in the movie). Indian connection with Jamaica goes back to early years of 19th century, when Indian and Chinese slaves were brought onto this island by the Britishers. At the moment, 3% of Jamaican population is Indian, and we have pretty friendly relations with Jamaica, in terms of diplomacy and politics. Cricket fans, be happy. Chris Gayle belongs to Jamaica !! And yes, we don’t need visa to visit Jamaica as well.


cook islands

In more technical words, Cook Islands fall under the Realm of Queen of New Zealand. It is the second largest producer of black pearls in the world, and they even have a good quality of wood-carvers as well. About 90% of the population can read and write in English, so Indians, don’t try to fool them with your high superiority technical skills. For Indians, we don’t need visa to visit these islands for around a month.



Another small island in the Caribbean, Indians require no visa to visit this beautiful country. Again, this is the place where Pirates of Caribbean : Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End had been filmed. Juggled between France and Britain (these two nations were prevalent in the West Indies, followed by the Dutch, and so the numerous times mention of the same), Dominica ultimately ended up with being a British colony. Indians can enjoy a trip to Dominica for six months without visa.



With 0.7% of Hindus living on this island, Grenada was a former British colony in the Windies. An interesting fact about its climate, that it remains generally dry throughout the year. Even during rainy seasons, it rains for hardly an hour, that too occasionally. Rain lovers would have a hard-time here. For three months, Indians are allowed to visit the country without any visa.



I guess, its the same story with this country as well. Pirates of Caribbean, French and British colonisation, etc. But what’s interesting is, for architect lovers, this tiny island has more than 400 arches existing. The oldest botanical gardens in the entire western hemisphere, exists in this place. There is a place, called as Mesopotamia Valley, where one of the most fertile soil on the mother Earth can be found. The only country in the West Indies, where the oldest petroglyphs can be found.




When Columbus first landed at Haiti, he thought he founded India. Wish, he had Google Maps that time with him. Haiti holds an important nation in the Caribbean, unfortunately the 2010 earthquake ruined its beauty to an extent. Some of the businessmen, tradesmen and other professionals are also of Indian origin here. Citadelle Laferrière, is the largest fortress in the entire western hemisphere. It also holds the achievement of having the most mountains in the Caribbean. Education wise, Haiti holds only one public university, in the entire nation. There are a couple of other factors, but not going into it now. Keeping it short, Haiti is really not a great tourist place to visit at the moment, majorly because of the damage earthquake did in 2010. It will take another decade to get it repaired, as suggested by experts. Indians can visit Haiti with no visa for three months.



Its quite interesting to know that although a free nation, Federated States of Micronesia is a US associated state, which means USA provides defence and funding grants to this tiny island nation. FSM has been exchanged between many a countries, including Portugal, Spain, Germany, Japan and finally the USA. That’s the reason for its mixed demography of so many ethnicities. Thirty days of traveling without visa for Indians here.



WOW !!! Well, Hong Kong is pretty well-known place to almost everyone who can read and write. Historically, during British times, Indians played a vital role in developing the city. For example, Sir Hormusjee Naorojee Mody, a Parsi businessman in Hong Kong, contributed around HK$ 150,000 for the establishment of University of Hong Kong. The citizenship of Indians in Hong Kong is quite complicated to debate on, but when the Britishers left Hong Kong in 1997, the Indians living there had the new status of British Nationals (Overseas), something which doesn’t allow Indians settling in the United Kingdom, thus making around 6000 Indians stateless. After decades of failed attempt to acquire Chinese citizenship, as according to Indian citizenship rules, these 6000 Indians aren’t eligible to have Indian citizenship either, they still hope to get at least a Chinese citizenship. Thus, they are still struggling to adopt naturalisation of becoming Chinese, but constant discouragement by the Chinese government has shown little progress. That’s the reason, maybe, that Indians flying from India, do not require visa for the first fourteen days.



This is rare and interesting fact. Ranked among the world’s 10 most beautiful island, Kish island is a tiny region in the Persian Gulf. With remains of a wrecked Greek ship during WW II, and an ancient underground aqueduct, Kish is widely known for its beautiful beaches. What more !! You are getting a trip to one of the most beautiful beaches of the world, that too without any visa. And Iran is not that far from India anyway. Go now !



I don’t need internet sources to describe the beauty of this place. Nepal has always been a part of Indian history and a close friend. Once the Britishers actually tried to annex Nepalese kingdom into British India, and a series of battles were fought. The aftermath was terrible as the Kingdom of Nepal lost various lands to British India. Don’t be surprised, but circumstances were such, that Sikkim, Tehri-Garhwal and Darjeeling were once a part of Nepal. Sikkim has another story, which is irrelevant here to discuss. Recent activities of cross-country illegal crossing of border, through the district of Gorakhpur is well-known. But in anyway, Indians are granted ‘freedom of movement’ in Nepal. There was a time, when Indians didn’t even needed passports for visiting Nepal. Moreover, few Chinese maps once believed Nepal as one of the provinces of India (uh uh…you will find many Indians believing that even now). I have to say, the word ‘Nepali’ is occasionally used as a racist remark by fools and hooligans, to those Indians who have an oriental look. Inspite of this, Nepal has one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world, the Himalayas. And of course, they have Mount Everest.



Since Svalbard is still a part of Norway, it actually doesn’t make any sense of rejoicing the fact, that Indians need no visa to visit this place. You actually have to go to Norway, and that requires a visa. Its a bit complicated as what exactly is the status of Svalbard, with respect to administration of Norway, as it comes under the category of ‘unincorporated areas’. Interestingly, no country needs a visa to visit Svalbard, but any country outside the EU zone, has to have a Schengen visa for entering Norway.



Situated towards east of Madagascar, Réunion is an overseas department of France, situated in Indian Ocean. You can say that you have been to France without visa, as technically, Réunion is a part of France, just situated extremely far from mainland Europe. Its currency is Euro, and also a part of Eurozone. Indian connection with this island goes back to 17th century, when Indian slaves were brought as workers by the French. There are a large group of South Indian Tamilians and Telugu speaking, as well as Bhojpuri, Gujarati and Hindi speaking North Indians, forming a mixed diaspora of ethnicity. The Hindus were known as Malbars and Muslims, as Zarabes. Hindi, Gujarati and Urdu are actually spoken languages here. No doubt we have free visa system. Its like, visiting India in France, which is in Africa.



Part of Lesser Antilles or Leeward Islands in the West Indies, Montserrat is a British Overseas Territory. Trouble entered the capital city Plymouth, when it was destroyed (almost) by an active volcano in 1995, which led to marking of a tourist restricted zone around the whole island. Well, although we don’t need visa to visit this place, but due to the terrible volcanic activity, I don’t think it would a good idea to visit at the moment.



One can say, that the largest Indian population in West Indies, can be found on these two islands (the country is formed by two islands, Trinidad and Tobago). Again, we were brought as slaves during colonial era by the Europeans. The country has shuffled between Spanish, British, French and Dutch hands, finally falling under the British Empire. Not only Indians, this nation had been a hub for labourers and slaves from China, Portugal, Barbados, Venezuela, Lebanon, Syria and many African nations. Indians, at the end, form the largest number of immigrant ethnicity in the country, making it around 40% of the total population. Thus, Hinduism is a thriving religion, practised by 18% of the total. Does anyone knows of ‘Chutney Music’ ? Its a mixture of Bhojpuri folk song with Caribbean beats (imagine. Bhojpuri with Caribbean, now that’s cool !! ). The songs are in Hindi, Bhojpuri and English. A one-man-army startup by Rohit Jagessar in 1979, this unique genre form of music crossed a mark of US$ 1 million (A BHOJPURI SONG MAKING US$1 MILLION) in 1985. So from now onwards, if anyone makes fun of Bhojpuri, boast proudly about the Chutney Music’s gigantic achievement. For Indians, visa is not required for a span of 90 days.



Situated midway between Chile and Australia, almost in the middle of Pacific Ocean, Pitcairn Islands are a part of British Overseas Territories. Although very small in size, there had been mutinies, pillage, murders and deaths here, back in 18th century. It has been a British colony since 1838. Indians have 14 days visa free traveling here.



Formerly a Spanish colony, clubbed under Gran Colombia, Ecuador got independence in 1820. Gran Colombia was actually a big country, consisting of present day Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guyana, Panama and parts of Brazil and Peru. Ecuador has been always into trouble, with changing of constitution 20 times since independence. Its one of the seventeen mega-diverse countries of the world (great news, India is one of them as well), majorly due to Galapagos Islands, which lies towards west in the Pacific Ocean. Ecuador has 1,600 species of birds, consisting 15% of total world birds population !! No doubt Charles Darwin chose this place to be the centre for his researches in evolution theories. Its capital Quito, is considered as the best UNESCO World Heritage Site in the entire Latin America. It has a typical European touch, so its a great deal to visit this country, that too without a visa.



Conflicted between Russia and Georgia, South Ossetia is a highly disputed region in the Caucasus. Declared independence from Georgia in 1990, its still not considered as a political entity by Georgia. Although countries like Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru recognise it as a nation, and Russia heavily provides military and financial aid to it, South Ossetia is a war torn nation, the last wrath it saw in 2008 during the Russia-Georgia war. Historically, the region was annexed by Russian Empire in 19th century, and was a part of Georgian Democratic Republic during the Russian Revolution of 1917. Pulled between wars and bloodshed, a separate Oblast was created in 1922, as South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast. Coming back to 1990, when the autonomous status was abolished by Georgia, thus increasing the violence level in the region. Apart from South Ossetia, another region of dispute, Abkhazia, also exists in the Caucasus. I don’t know why Indians have free visa here. The tension is still ongoing and it doesn’t make any sense to visit a disputed region just because we have free visa travelling. The economy is struggling and is heavily dependent on Russia. Ah !! doesn’t make sense still, as to why do we have free visa here ?



It is this nation, from where European colonisation of West Indies began. St. Kitts and Nevis, was the first island in West Indies to be colonised by first French, and then later (as usual), the British. Interesting to know, Christopher Columbus named the island of St. Kitts as Sant Yago (St. James), and a tiny island of Saba as Saint Cristobal. But due to mapping errors, the name reshuffled and it came to believe that St. Kitts was named after St. Cristobal. There is no Indian connection with this nation, but still, you can visit it without visa for three months.



Well, nothing to tell about Palestine, as I guess almost everyone knows about it (due to recent activities). The region has seen many a civilisations, beginning from the ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians to the Greeks, Romans, Crusades, Mongols, and finally Ottomans and British. I am not getting into the highly controversial relations between Palestine and Israel, just to mention that India has always maintained a friendly relation with both the countries at various times. In fact, India is among many other nations which has recognised Palestine as a nation. Indians do not require visa to travel here, although arriving to Gaza Strip is not allowed.



Island nation in Oceania, this beautiful country had been a former British colony. Immense Indian connection, so much so that its national language is Fiji Hindi, which sounds exactly like Bhojpuri and Indian Hindi. Indo-Fiji group are the dominant ethnicity here, making around 39% of the total population. Its almost like a little India, far out in Oceania. One can see many a Hindu temples, with same language chants and culture. Honestly, if anyone wants to travel abroad still wanting the Indian thing around him / her, Fiji is the only choice that person has. Its India, but not completely India. And what else, you have free visa entry there. Enjoy !!



Bhutan has been one of the fewest nations of the world, never to be ruled by any European power. Although tormented between ancient Himalayan kingdoms of Nepal and Sikkim, Bhutan maintained its dignity by fighting strongly against the English East India Company, and rejected British offer for protecting its independence. This again, costed heavily for Bhutan, which in turn had to lose some territories to British, but it never could become a colony under the British Empire. Cut-off from the world, television entered the nation very late. It has been one of the most peaceful nations (although in 18th century, Bhutan had raided Sikkim from time to time) of the world. India helped a lot in restoring peace and order in Bhutan, after the former got independence from British in 1947. No visa is required for any Indian to visit Bhutan.



Again, a highly controversial disputed region between Moldova and Ukraine, Transnistria declared independence in 1990. Its official name is Pridnestrovian Moldovan Republic, and dispute started the year Moldova was formed. There is a mixed state of citizenship, as there are people having citizenship of Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. Its political condition is same as that of South Ossetia, with a heavy dose of Soviet attachment in it. Still wondering, why do Indians have free visa here, although an official registration is required after 24 hours.


By the entire world, its Cyprus. But according to Turkey, its an independent nation. In 1974, the attempt of annexation of Cyprus to Greece, led to Turkish invasion of Cyprus, resulting to partition of the island. Even the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, is partitioned as well. Having a huge Turkish army in the region, has nullified any Cypriot revolt. With respect to tourism, the region is pretty much nice to visit, especially the Iskele Desert and Kyrenia town. But anyway, since the land is in dispute, and is not recognised by any nation (except Turkey), I don’t know why again there is a free visa settlement with India here.



One of the two special administrative regions of China, Macau had been a Portuguese colony for ages. It was the last remaining European colony in Asia, to be freed in 1999. Indians would be happy, and this is the best time to go during Diwali, as gambling is legal and thriving in this place. Also, it has the second highest life-expectancy in the world. You gamble, and live long. What else anyone need ? Also, it is a highly developed region, with the high HDI rate in Asia. Cant get any better place than this to spend life. And guess what, Indians don’t need visa to visit here, form thirty days.



Favourite (and the most affordable) honeymoon spot for Indians, Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. Its basically India in Africa, as majority of ethnicity here, is Indian. Bhojpuri is one of the official languages here, and it is a respectable one. Initially ruled by Portuguese as Cirne, the islands went to the Dutch, then to France, and finally to British. The island had the previously extinct bird species of dodo. Many street names in Mauritius have Indian origin (Apravasi Ghat, near Port Louis) in it, thus making sense as to why Indians love to escape to this place. Nevertheless, Mauritius is beautiful and Indians do not require visa here as well.

That’s all. Took me 12 hours to create this post. Its 4:40 am now, and I am dead.

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